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19th January 2013

Do you love & have wooden floors in your home? Tiles or laminate flooring?
Whilst I love the look & feel of wooden floors, they sadly tend to be a nightmare for dogs - especially older dogs.
I've come to realise that most pet owners aren't aware that there's a way around this - a solution that won't only protect your floors against gouges & scratches from their nails, but more importantly, make life so much easier for your pet.
The answer: dog socks or dog boots .
It's simply astounding what a difference these socks or boots can make to your pet's life - and improving it immeasurably. Silly as they may look, practicality & quality of life overrules aesthetic beauty.

One of my lovely pets I care for, is Rose. A very frail and elderly black Labrador.
Her owner has a stunning home with wooden floors and tiles - alas Rose found it very hard to stop herself from slipping & sliding (pro ice skater style) across the floor. She's really arthritic with substantial muscle loss and unable to properly balance herself. Which (sadly) meant that the wooden floors proved to be her worst enemy.

I told her owner that I'll get her some special grip socks to see if they could help her.
To my sheer & utter delight, she seems to be a changed dog!
Instead of slipping and sliding, she's now hop, skipping & jumping steadily and securely across the floor. She can even sit upright (as in the photo) instead of helplessly falling down in a splayed position, unable to get herself up again.
In fact, the moment she realised that she could actually walk, she grabbed her leash in her mouth and practically dragged me outside for a walk - choosing to walk further than we have ever before.

If you have wooden floors, please consider getting some socks for your dogs.
There are plenty of alternatives available on eBay as well. As well as Paw Wax (the latter however much less effective & practical in my opinion).
For something more robust, you can try Dog Boots.

Please make sure that you measure your dog's paw though. If the socks or boots are too big, they'll twist around and slide off. If they're too small, they'll scrunch up and fall off too. Please follow the individual manufacturer's advice size of the product you're considering. The boots in particular are very useful for protecting paws against ice, snow, heat or cold.

£5 can change your dog's life!

Note: I do not endorse any of these products or companies. They are merely recommendations of products that have been effective for my use.


Photo comment By jan reeves: hi some information on measuring please ( how high up leg ) ?and where to buy them thanks jan

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