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My Favourite Vets

My favourite veterinary practices
Vets on White Heart Lane
A wonderfully friendly & professional team in Barnes on White Heart Lane. Some of whom I used to work with and know me well.
~ 45 White Hart Lane, Barnes, SW13 0PU

Pet Care Industry Links

Links to Companies, Contacts, Charities & Friends in the Pet Care Industry whom I support
Yellow Dog UK
West London Petsitter Sponsor and Support "Yellow Dog UK" which aims to raise awareness of dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated. As this is something close to my own heart (and these are particularly the types of pets I tend to work with most) I'd love to help spread awareness for this cause & campaign.
Suzi Gray
A close friend of mine who is a Professional Dog Walker & Cat Sitter, covering Central & North London. Highly recommended!
The Cinnamon Trust
What an amazing & wonderful charity this is! Please consider helping them in any way you can. They are the National Charity for elderly and terminally ill people and their pets. Tasking a network of volunteers across the country to help with dog walking, feeding, grooming and transport as well as providing both long and short term fostering of animals to ensure that people and their pets can stay together and enjoy their treasured relationship for as long as possible.
Pet Forums
Where a Wealth of Information & Discussions can be found.
Pet Forums
Hope for Romanian Strays
Conditions are always difficult for stray & homeless animals - but in some countries the situation is far more dire and rehoming opportunities far fewer. A close friend of mine is very involved with this charity and I know they work tirelessly to raise fund to plough straight back in the animal care & rehoming. Every little helps so much!

Hope for Romanian strays is a small charity set up and run by volunteers helping the many stray dogs and cats on the streets in Romania. They provide stray dogs with medical care, food and shelter and work to find them foster or adoptive homes globally. The charity is also working with the local community to educate people about the importance of getting dogs and cats spayed to try to reduce the number of unwanted animals ending up on the streets.