Live-In Services

Live-In Pet Sitting Services

Choosing & trusting the right person to look after your beloved pets and stay in your home, is a huge decision - and one that I do not underestimate. I would want you to feel 100% confident and comfortable, should you choose me (or one of my lovely team members) to take care of your pets in your home whilst you are away on business or holiday.

So, I'd like to tell you a little about what I'm like in a home environment and how I'd behave in your home:

~ I am a non smoker
~ I am very clean & tidy
~ I would never throw parties or entertain guests at your home
~ I would not play loud music or disturb your neighbours
~ I bring my own food & beverages and do not consume yours
~ I fully respect your privacy and do not open doors or drawers that I do not need access to

My live-in care availability is very limited, however I have a few carefully chosen and very experienced team members I work with and trust to uphold the same standards as I set out above.

In-between taking care of your pets (as my primary aim), I tend to spend my time reading books, watching movies, editing photos on my laptop or doing various bits of research.
Cats are encouraged to curl up on my lap or snooze in my arms.
Dogs, well...that depends on their size!

From £40 per night for a household with cats only
This service is ideally suited to pets that enjoy the company of a carer with them at night. With plenty of time for cuddles & affection, playtime & grooming. We will spend a minimum of 12 out of 24 hours in your home.

£75 per night for a household with cats and/or dogs
This service is ideally suited to pets that are used to having owners who work full time and are away from the house during normal working hours. That said, your dog(s) will never be left alone for more than 4 hours at a time (to run errands etc).
For dogs, two walks a day are included (one morning, one evening) plus a lunch time toilet break. And loads of fuss, love & cuddles!

£100 per night for a full time live-in service / special care
This service is centred entirely around your pets and is a full time live-in service. We will be present at all times (with a maximum of 2 hours in any 24 period away from the house to run errands and do food shopping), devoting all attention to your pet/s.

We also offer long term live-in home sitting / pet sitting services - just ask us for a quote and availability. To have a professional pet sitter in your home, providing overnight cat sitting or dog sitting, means your pets are relaxed in their own environment and are comfortable with their regular routines. As opposed to being stressed in a strange environment with lots of different noises and sounds in a boarding facility. You can go away on holiday, assured that your pets are loved and well cared for in their own home.

*Note* All live in care starts late afternoon / evening and will finish after breakfast on the day of departure. Longer hours on the first / last days will incur extra charges.

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~ A 20% non refundable deposit is charged in order to confirm all live-in services ~