Profile of West London Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

About West London Petsitter

Hi I'm Antonet!

Welcome to the home of my bespoke pet sitting service where each pet receives exceptional care tailored to their specific needs.

I always dreamt of working in the veterinary industry (which little girl doesn't dream of riding ponies and working with animals?). Though I grew up in the Southern Hemisphere, it wasn't until I moved to London almost 20 years ago that I decided to study veterinary nursing and worked with one of the largest veterinary groups across London.

I was fortunate to grow up with horses, dogs, cats, birds, tropical fish and a collection of small furry pets. The occasional snake too... though only when the cats brought them into the house!

Whilst I love the cuteness of young & fluffy pets, I have a particular soft spot for the older animals who require extra care and attention. I love taking my time with elderly pets, helping them to be most comfortable and dignified in their retirement days.

Now, even though I love my career choice more than anything, and fill almost every given hour with pet care, there are times when even I need a little time off or some help in an emergency. Or in fact at times when I can't be an octopus and care for all the animals I'd love to! So the support of team members are absolutely essential to provide a seamless service. That said, each care assignment is undertaken by one member only, whilst the others are there as back-up and in case of an emergency only.

Caring for pets (in conjunction with professional pet photography) is what I do lovingly as a full time career.

Let me help you provide the best care, attention and love to your pets when you aren't able to.

If you'd like to know a little more about me, have a look at my live-in services page.