The Perils of Cats & Windows

30th June 2013
For any cat owner with an indoor cat, it must be their worst nightmare to think about (the unthinkable) - what if their cat escapes from the window?

Not such a huge problem when it's a house and it hops from the window into the garden. But most houses with gardens, tend not to have indoor cats in the first place.
A huge percentage of cat owners, are however in the situation where they live in a apartment block of flats. How on earth to keep a cat safely indoors without keeping all windows constantly closed?
A bit of a problem in summer months in particular (not that we have much of a "summer" here in the UK to speak of I guess!).

I myself have been in such a situation - living with 2 cats in the top part of a converted house. After hunting wide & far, I came across Cataire.
As I lived in rented accommodation and couldn't exactly hammer holes into the wooden window frames, this proved to be the perfect solution.
The service they provided was superb & made to measure. The assembly super easy too (though I'm fairly good at DIY, you don't have to be).
I have since lived in a couple of other properties where I had different types of windows - but yet again, the Cataire solution proved to be the life saver of the day (quite literally). One of my cats, a Bengal boy, was particularly adamant that he wanted out. But despite any of his initial best efforts to pry the screen away or claw it apart, it stayed put. And he finally gave up trying to escape completely.

My sister's cat wasn't so lucky with his window experience however.
She lives in France and had to make do with her own DIY solution to keep him safe & secure on the 11th floor of their apartment block. Sadly he found a way out and tumbled all the way down (suffice to say, there was no soft landing of any sort to break his fall).
I cannot begin to image what a horrific experience this must have been. Both for cat, but as well as my sister. However, Minou (photo above) was an exceptionally lucky lad and lives to tell his tale unscathed. Miraculous.
Though I have a sneaky suspicion that he might have cashed in on all those 9 lives in one go!

I have since stumbled upon another couple of solutions for alternative products. I have no experience with them myself, but they may be worth checking out. FlatCats and also Happy Window

Lets be safe rather than sorry.

=^. .^=

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