11th February 2013
I'd love to know how other dog walkers cope with De-Muddification?
Seriously- I mean, just look at this... ("this" being a really good day!)

I don't have a garden hose in my car and there's just no way on earth that these 4 legs are entering my car (furry "dog-mobile" that it may be). Not to mention letting them back into the house into which they belong where the cream carpets reside....

So the way I deal with this: Evian
Nope, not kidding.

The very first time, I went out and bought a six pack of 2litre bottles of Evian water. * Ever since then, I simply refill them with tap water ;-) However won't ever tire of the incredulous looks of amazement by others in the car park, post walk.
A mixed combination of "seriously?!uhhhh....why?? they're just dogs" to "wow, they are so well trained - how impressive".

Actually, at the end of the day I truly don't care what others think of my de-muddification regime. It takes less than 5 minutes for the dogs to be clean, my car to be clean and the house to be clean. Happy days!

* I actually add a tiny dash of Hibiscrub to each bottle of water - it not only helps to remove the dirt (much more so than water alone) but more importantly, it's an antiseptic used to kill micro-organisms that are found on the skin and thus prevent them from causing infection. It also kills a wide range of bacteria and yeasts and some fungi and viruses.

Furthermore, they will always get a flick through with a brush and a cleansing spray with "Pet Head Blueberry Muffin Waterless Shampoo" (don't laugh!) Smells delicious and your dog will be sparkling from top to toe ;-)
The ultimate & deluxe dog walking treatment or what?!

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