Deciding to get a Puppy

14th October 2013

Deciding to get a Puppy

After The last guest blog on "Deciding to get Kitten" I decided that it's only sensible to follow up with "Deciding to get a Puppy". And who better to have asked than Maddie with her über adorable puppy, Dolly! If you're ever thinking of getting a puppy, this is a must read!!

Maddie (Dolly's mom) contacted me long before even getting Dolly - or knew that she was going to get Dolly - to see if I'd help out with occasional puppy care.
And every so often, sent me emails to say that she thinks she's found the puppy, to have and to hold, forever. Only for that not to be the case, for Maddie really took her time to choose the right canine companion. And oh my goodness, how that patience paid off!
I remember getting an excited email to tell me that she's finally found "the one" - so (before ever having even met) asked her if she wouldn't mind capturing the experience of those first days in a blog.

I'll let her tell the rest :-)

Antonet kindly asked me if I’d like to write a blog about getting a new puppy. I’m going to take you through the no holds barred/ totally uncensored version of these little bundles of joy, all ends well I promise.

As I type I am on day 5 of no sleep sat at my desk at work….as a hardened tea drinker, I have now turned to strong coffees during the morning and have just devoured a snickers and can of “full fat” Coca-Cola all in a bid to keep myself functioning and awake having only managed a few hours of sleep a night since Friday evening, we’re now on Wednesday for those who are reading my blog. I thought this would be the perfect time to capture my deepest thoughts of motherhood to this complete cutie who is now 4 months old.

I chose “Daphne” (who was named by the breeder and who’s name kept getting shortened to Daffers – too like Daffy Duck and Daffs for my liking) who is now called Dolly, largely due to her age and because being realistic, I couldn’t see myself juggling an 8-10 week old puppy who needed potty training in between being at work. I thought – great! Ideal! Fantastic! God I’m so unbelievably switched on and grown up about this. Everyone around me kept throwing different questions at me making sure I’d thought of everything – all of which I had an answer to. Even with all the reading, discussions, browsing websites etc etc – not ONE of these clever tools gave me any idea what to expect, unless of course I was a supersonic dog whisperer!

Day 1

It all began on a Friday afternoon…..I decided to jump in the car and drive all the way to Leeds to collect Dolly, my new bundle of joy who on arrival, spent most of the time fussing around my feet at the breeders home. I was in love, it was instant. She was very attentive, I was just staring at her in awe and to cut a long story short, we set off back to London to start a very happy life together.

On reaching my flat in Brook Green, we jump out the car, I felt as if I’d almost given birth to this little thing. As we stood wondering if she’d have her first wee in the front garden, a very jolly cockerpoo walked past – a little bark came from what can only be described as a powder puff marking her territory already! A little premature I thought but hey – what do I know. She was already making herself known which I of course thought was just “so sweet”! I’m sure it’ll stop I thought..

Friday – With her crate all dolled up with beautiful taupe and spotty bed inside, not to mention the cashmere blanket draped over the top to make her little den safe and luxurious, she was swiftly moved into my bedroom so she could “see where I am” and feel safe. Little bit of barking and whining but nothing too much. She had only just arrived after all.

Day 2

Saturday – lots of morning cuddles, on my bed – she is a Maltese and so no moulting or smells, heaven! Little did I know that I was making a rod for my own back. Come night time, crate still in my bedroom, she cries and whimpers a little more with a few barks for good measures clearly desperate to come up onto the fun cuddly place she was for most of the morning.

Day 3

Sunday – well I thought, she cried knowing I was right next to her so maybe now is the time to start as we mean to go on and put her wonderfully colour coordinated crate in the kitchen where she will be mostly residing. Again, lots of barks and whimpering but a quick clap of the hands and “enough” and not another pip squeak.

Day 4

Monday – up at 7am, great I thought. What a little grown up treasure I have. Perfectly behaved and despite my rather short and snappy “enough” she’s still delighted to see me. Toilet trained heaven – she pops outside and does as she needs to do, independent as ever. First day at school today (work!)

Let me point out – WHAT a doddle I thought, this is just the easiest thing ever!

Bed by 11:00pm, back in crate, treat fed through door. Lights out.

But hang on: Day 4 (continued)
*horror begins* Howling……….barking………howling………..crying………..whimpering……….could be being strangled if I didn’t know better…..bit more howling/barking mixed together – you name it, she sang it all the way until Day 5 – 5:55am with NO let-up whatsoever. Ear plugs, duplicate pillows covering my ears (which the drums are now almost perforated due to the high pitched barks). This is TORTURE I thought.

Day 5

(lost track of days of the week I note) at my desk, Dolly passed out in her new taupe (obviously) donut bed from Mutts and Hounds with gorgeous cream bones all over it. I could almost see horns poking out of her head catching up on all the sleep she DIDN’T get last night. They say love is closest thing to hate….need I say more. Bedtime comes, I’m dreading it so we go to a friends for supper, having past Pets at Home to buy a toy that I can stuff food into to bribe her into playing and running her little heart out so that we both get a good night’s sleep. We’re improving, she spent the first hour past out, then intermittent cries for help. I stuck to my guns, ear plugs at the ready.

Day 6
(definitely no clue what day of the week it is any more!) requiring match sticks today, my eyes are glazing over, I feel physically sick, I actually cried today and wondered if I could continue with this thankless task. Back to school we go, regimented schedule with the thought that I must exhaust her before bedtime so a little explore around Wormwood Scrubs on our way home was just the ticket! It’s an open playing field with a view of the infamous prison, I wondered if one of the wardens might like to borrow her as a watch dog as she loves night time working or maybe they could use her as a torture aid to keep the prisoners awake when they have misbehaved!

So we have nearly done a week together. It’s been the longest week of my life. I haven’t seen a shop, I’ve hardly eaten and living on my own, I had a slight shudder at what I had actually let myself in for – it’s scary, you experience negative and positive emotions and EVERYONE has their own and varied opinion about how you should cope or deal with it. Some harsh, some too soft. I am trying desperately to make my way to the weekend where I hope we can bond a little more. Time will tell. It is exciting, it will be rewarding and I’m sure we will be great companions together but please if you don’t take anything away from this blog……………think, think and think again and just prepare for the first week, it will get better if you invest time and effort into making them feel at home and secure. Failing that – you can borrow Dolly although it’s a little late as she’s become a good sleeper and patiently waits for me to get up. Believe it or not, she LOVES her crate now….

May I just add, that I've had the immense pleasure of meeting Dolly and caring for her on several occasions now. She is beyond adorable and has a massive fan club.
Maddie, if ever you find yourself in a position to rehome Dolly, you know where she's w-a-n-t-e-d


Photo comment By Lisa Miller: I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! You have nerves of steel my friend. I'm sure I would have buckled and let her take over the bed.

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