Starting your own Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business

Starting your own Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business

Do you dream of working with animals and wish you could have your own Pet Care or Dog Walking business? But have no idea where to start?
You may have experience and a true love to care for animals, but have absolutely no idea how to set up your own pet care business. And therein lies the first obstacle...

It appears a daunting thought - what if you fail? What if you get no clients? Will you ever make any money? But even more importantly: where on earth does one start?
This is without a doubt the biggest obstacle - and the one where most would usually give up, and stop.

You are then left with the options of (1) volunteering for a charity in your spare time, (2) surrounding yourself by your own little zoo of animals, or (3) finding a job in the pet care industry (the majority of which will only ever pay enough to live month by month).

I have been in the professional pet care industry for 18 years - covering everything from studying & working as a veterinary nurse, volunteering at the RSPCA, hand rearing and rehabilitating many wild animals & birds, working with a large pet care agency to finally setting up & running my own business.

So many of us can only dream to work with animals, but finally & reluctantly have to let go of that dream - and move onto a job in the retail or corporate world. I could never quite understand how a start-up admin job with no experience, can pay 3 to 4 times as much as a veterinary nurse.
Shuffling numbers and papers do not entirely compare to caring for a sick or dying life, does it?

Over time, an increasingly steady stream of enquiries have been coming in for employment - or advice on how to start a pet care business.
And whilst I've always been more than happy to help friends, I've reached a point where I can no longer volunteer free help & advice.
There are many books out on the market, and resources on the internet to help with just this - setting up your own business in the pet care industry. But through my own experience, I know that there's just nothing more useful than getting experienced & personal advice; and help along the way.
So I've decided to share my advice & experience in a way that books cannot. Hands-on & in person.

After starting off with a (free) phone conversation to establish whether I can help you or not - and if you're indeed ready to start your own business, my fees are as follows:

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business advice

2 hour consultation and business planning - £200 or

8 hour consultation and business planning (full day) - £550
(in person or via Skype)

- Helping you to narrow down a good business name
- Pinning down your range of service offerings
- Identifying your target market
- Establishing a price structure to suit that market
- Basic market & competitor research (and how to use that information)
- Helping you to write the basic copy for your website
- The basics of how to set up a template based website on your own when you have a very small to no budget (much easier than you may think!)
- How to market yourself & your business (you can't just wait for business to come to you - you need to know where and how to get it)
- Where to advertise and what not to waste your money on
- How to build a client base
- The basic principals of SEO (search engine optimisation) and how you need to implement it
- An estimation of your start-up costs and projection of on-going costs
- Any questions you may have

* The 2 hour consultation and business planning will cover all of the same topics, but not in the detail that the full day session will offer you.

Follow-up emails to answer other start-up questions along the way:
£50 - 5 emails
£80 - 10 emails

£50 - a written review of your website with suggestions on how & where to improve it

These are my consultation fees and do not include any of the start-up costs you may have for choosing your site host & related costs or stock images for your website.

To arrange a consultation, email me me or call on 07790 10 20 20.

Best wishes,